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  • Disaster preparedness and crisis management

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Caritas South Sudan was created in September 2011 and is member of Caritas Internationalis.Caritas South Sudan's first year of operation has seen significant growth and many notable achievements. These have included considerable systems strengthening and organizational development of the national and the diocesan offices, as well as humanitarian activities and responses through the Caritas Emergency Appeal..

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."

Albert Einstein

Justice & Peace Building

fontaine feature-1Caritas South Sudan, an efficient and effective organization, committed to peace Building and integral human development
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Disaster Preparedness

fontaine feature-2Promote effective disaster preparedness and prompt humanitarian response In a country which is subject to regular
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Capacity Development

fontaine feature-3Promote Integral Human development through social,economical and political empowerment of the communities to
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  • Extending help to the needy



Data from South Sudan and other studies show that periodic estimates for HIV prevalence for pregnant women represent a suitable monitor to HIV trends overtime.

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Who Our Partners


Caritas South Sudan is registered with UNHAS for usage of the WFP flight service. Caritas South Sudan has established solid relationships with IOM 

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Extending help to the needy


According to U.N. estimates, only 55% of the population has access to drinking water. Less than 1/5 South Sudanese know how to read and write.Hundreds of thousands live in shacks, without access to medical infrastructure, decent sanitation facilities and schooling. 

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