A word from His Lordship, President of Caritas South Sudan

August 12, 2021

Caritas South Sudan in 2017 is celebrating its sixth anniversary as a national Caritas and as a last born to
Caritas international. Caritas South Sudan is steadily growing in its role as the instrument of the Catholic Church to witness the universal love for the poorest victims who have undergone untold sufferings for the past thirty years of bloody war in South Sudan/Sudan.

I am overwhelmingly grateful to the Caritas confederation for standing with the local church with concern and compassion, at a moment when the nation is bleeding; our poorest are living in inhuman conditions in the bushes and the church being crucified. Today even our parishes are attacked and the Christian communities have left the parishes in fear and taken refuge in the bushes and forests.

Looking back, we celebrate the little success we have made so far and appreciate lessons learned from our failures. The work of Caritas remains timely in the prevailing context of South Sudan and the survival of the church. Caritas South Sudan has taken the journey with courage, counting on the benevolent support of the Caritas Member Organisations, partners and funders to make and let it grow.

This plan is a fruit of collective work with all the diocesan directors, diocesan staff and communities and takes CSS many steps further into the future in order to stand up to the needs of those who are suffering and looking up to the Church as the only source of compassion and love. Let us now translate the strategy into actions and results.

I wish to thank those who supported the development of this strategic plan and in particular Caritas Internationalis Secretary-General for his unconditional support and faith that we can grow and for allowing us to use the expertise and resources of his team, which has been indispensable in getting us started.


Erkolano Lodu Tombe
Bishop of Yei and President of Caritas SS


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